Vietnam rattan furniture – how to export?

The status of bamboo and rattan handicraft Vietnam,

How to export rattan we grow and develop when the supply is abundant and the demand is quiet?

In Vietnam, bamboo and rattan are closely associated with the lives of rural people and are also the main source of livelihood for most rural households and ethnic minorities. However, the cultivation and exploitation of bamboo and rattan products in our country has not been fully exploited.

The total area of ​​nearly 1.5 million hectares of rattan and bamboo is distributed and exploited in the provinces of Khanh Hoa, Gia Lai, Dac Lac, Phu Yen … contributing to the local socio-economic development. In the provinces where bamboo is grown and processed, arts and handicrafts have brought about remarkable results.

There are more than 700 bamboo and rattan processing villages in Vietnam with more than 1000 units producing and exporting handicrafts.

Therefore, Vietnam has many potentials in terms of human resources, advantages of growing and processing bamboo and rattan, but it has to import raw materials and export markets of bamboo and rattan industry in Vietnam only occupy about 3% compared to international market share.

rattan material in village Thai Binh province

rattan material in village Thai Binh province

The need to resolve

In order to reduce the burden on raw materials, the Ministry of Forestry should develop a planning plan to conserve and efficiently exploit this source of raw materials. In addition, efforts are made to develop and promulgate investment support policies to promote the development of bamboo and rattan, support specialized associations, and support Vietnamese bamboo and rattan networks to enhance the supply of bamboo and rattan products. market share information. Focus on quality products, training skilled human resources.

From enterprises, rattan and bamboo exporters increase their competitiveness in the market, promote exchanges of integration, seek potential customers, approach importers via the floor. E-commerce or traditional trade fairs … expand the search for partners and markets to promote the domestic production.

Trade villages need to specialize in labor, increase labor productivity, make handicrafts and rattan and bamboo products into main branches, apply machine techniques and innovate to improve the quality of products. Competitive ability to meet the needs of the world market always fluctuate.

Vietnam rattan furniture for export

Vietnam rattan furniture for export

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