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Gemstone art – Gemstone painting.

Gemstone painting are handicraft product made from artist, all material are natural gemstone. It is special picture from natural stone by artist is new style, it development in Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore and Indian. To understand what is gemstone painting we can follow 4 step to making picture below it great three-dimensional picture for home, room decoration for gift for best relationship.

  1. How Are Gemstone Paintings Made?

The art of making crystal portraits or crushed gemstone paintings has only been professionally developed since the early 1990. As simple and beautiful the end product might appear, the making of mosaic gems art is extremely painstaking and demands years of experience and talented artist skills, especially for realistic looking people or pet portraits 1. Crystal Mica Canvas Preparation Crystal Mica Sheet as Gem Painting Canvas Before anything is done, the final artwork dimension is determined and this will set foundation for every technical aspect of making a gem stone painting. Technical, because unlike oil painting, watercolor or any other traditional fine art media, the gem artist has to take into consideration the amount of gemstone crystals he/she will need to make the painting, as well as an 2 accurate estimate for each specific color, right from the beginning. Whereas classic painters will simply need to pour out paints from the tubes or mix some more from raw pigments as the painting process continues, without planning ahead. As you can see in this oil painting vs. crystal art comparison, a mica sheet is far superior to stretched canvas or wood panels when it comes to durability and resistance to cracking due to temperature or humidity changes.

2. Gemstone Crystals:

Selection, Sorting, Cleaning & Processing Crushed & Cut Gemstone Crystals Sorted by Colors From precious gems such as sapphire, emerald and ruby to semiprecious crystals like garnet, jade, tourmaline, lapis lazuli, color or clear quartz, peridot, black onyx, agate and many others – all has to be washed, dried completely and sorted into different light/dark color groups. This is a time consuming task that requires extensive experience to make accurate judgments. Preparing too much is a waste of time, while not having enough just before completion is a really frustrating situation most artists want to avoid. Most of the crushing and gems cutting is manually done by hand using hammers, saws and other jewelry tool kits, because stones have to be selected manually for best color and texture match, sometimes individually – one at a time. 3

  1. Gemstone Painting Sketch & Crystal Arrangement

Artist arranging gems on mica with sketches underneath The gemstone hand painting starts with the artist making rough line sketches of the artwork on a piece of white paper, which is securely positioned underneath the mica canvas. The gem artist uses the initial sketch as a guide for positioning gem crystals on the mica sheet. This can be a priceless family heirloom or a sought after collectible piece of art for your future generations to inherit. 4. Permanently Setting Gem Stones on Mica

4. Mounting Crystals on Mica

Using Our Special Adhesive After gems are perfectly placed, our artists mount them permanently using a special in-house developed adhesive. This process is usually repeated several times as the artist continues to add more layers of gem stones on top of each other, until the desired density is reached. Powdered Gems are used for most works of art that require high level of details or to achieve realism, such as depicting human face in gemstone portrait paintings. This technique is best used for making artworks that resemble soft acrylic, pastel or watercolor paintings with very fine texture and feel. Crushed Gems are mid size stones split from large clusters of crystals or grounded from bigger tumble stones. They have unusual and interesting textures that are impossible to replicate and are used in most gem painting styles. Best for making interior deco crystal art loo

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