Black garlic making process

Black garlic is a product from garlic that has been processed, not available in nature. To obtain black garlic, ordinary garlic bulbs will have to undergo a slow fermentation process under extremely strict temperature and humidity conditions. Studies have shown that, compared with white garlic, fermented garlic has a much higher amount of active ingredients.
It is also thanks to the outstanding increase of the active ingredients in fermented garlic such as S-allyl-L-cysteine (SAC), fructose, polyphenols or organic sulfur compounds that make this garlic possess beneficial effects Great.

5 benifite black garlic:
1: Black garlic contains more antioxidant compounds than raw garlic. Antioxidants have protective effects against cell damage and disease.

2: Studies have shown black garlic may help regulate blood sugar, reduce the risk of gestational diabetes, and even prevent damage from uncontrolled diabetes. Scientists need to do more research on these effects in humans, however.

3: Black garlic may help reduce certain markers of heart disease, like triglycerides and LDL (bad) cholesterol. It may also increase HDL (good) cholesterol for some people.

4: Black garlic may contain compounds that help protect the brain from memory loss and degenerative diseases, like Alzheimer’s. However, scientists need to do more research on these potential effects in humans.

5: Black garlic has shown stronger immune boosting, antioxidant, and anticancer activities than raw garlic in a number of cancer-related studies.

benifite black garlic

benifite black garlic

4 step to cook black garlic:

  1. Ingredients for making black garlic with a rice cooker

– 1kg garlic or lonely garlic

– 1 can of beer

– Silver paper

– Electric cooker

– Food wrap

black garlic material

black garlic material

  1. Mix probiotics

– Put the garlic in a clean bowl, sprinkle beer all over the garlic and soak for 30 minutes to let the garlic infuse the probiotics.

During the garlic soaking time, stir the garlic once every 5 minutes so that the garlic can absorb quickly. After 30 minutes of soaking in beer water, remove the garlic and drain.

– Wrap the foil around the garlic, leaving it open for the garlic to infuse and ferment successfully, making the garlic black and fragrant when finished.

– Then put it in the rice cooker, close the lid and then use food wrap to cover the lid to create a more airtight environment, if using an electronic rice cooker, it is not necessary.

– Press the button to turn on the cooking mode (Cook), when the pot switches to the keep warm mode (Warm), let it brew continuously for 12-14 days.

fermenting garlic

fermenting garlic

  1. Wait for brewing

– Day 2: Touching the outside of the pot feels hot, open to check and see that the garlic smells like boiled corn.

– Day 4: Garlic has a mild aroma, remains white and ripens from the inside.

– Day 6: The garlic has turned dark gray, the aroma is softer.

– Day 7: Garlic is much blacker, some turns completely dark, the peel is a bit wet.

– Day 9: Garlic peel is brown, wet, inside is gray black.

– Day 12: Peel off the skin to see the black garlic cloves, sweet and sour taste, soft and flexible to eat.

– Day 14: At the end of the incubation, the outer garlic skin is dry and light gray, the inner garlic clove is black and flexible, sweet like a fruit. This sweetness is due to the increased carbohydrate content from 28.7% (in fresh garlic) to 47.9% (in black garlic).

cooking black garlic

cooking black garlic

If garlic is incubated at 60 degrees Celsius:

  • At this temperature it takes longer time to ferment black garlic successfully. However, the taste and nutritional composition are not affected. But this is not the ideal temperature to brew black garlic.
  • During the garlic incubation process, keep the heat evenly, do not arbitrarily disconnect the power of the pot suddenly.
  • You can increase the amount of processed garlic to suit your needs.
  • The appropriate garlic pickling ratio is 1 kg of garlic with 1/3 – 1/2 can of beer.
  • When peeling, only peel off the thin outer layer, do not peel the skin around the garlic clove.
  • If you’re making multiple layers of garlic: Make sure to turn the sides of the foil every few days so they can heat evenly. However, do not open the pot for more than 5 minutes to avoid losing heat.
  • Test this amount of warmed garlic after 2 weeks and taste it. As the incubation time may vary depending on the temperature of the rice cooker; Type of input garlic; Or the amount of garlic you use,…
  • When tasting, separate the garlic clove from the bulb, peel off the outer skin and sip. The desired result is a black, sweet, caramelized garlic meat with a light, strong aroma and suppleness.
  • In case the garlic does not achieve the above results: the garlic is not completely black or still has a strong taste, … You continue to incubate the garlic for a longer time to achieve the desired results.


black garlic vietnam

black garlic vietnam

 4.  Finished product

It is not difficult to have a dish that is quite delicious and rich in health benefits like black garlic. After the black garlic has been brewed, take it out, let it cool, and then store it in a sealed container to preserve it for use.

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