Interior aluminum casting profession in Hai Van – Nam Dinh – Vietnam

Aluminum and copper casting is a traditional Vietnamese profession with a long, recognized history. This is also one of the professions that needs to be preserved, developed and spread because the skill level of Vietnamese aluminum and copper casters is on par with foundries in Asian countries. This profession crystallizes the meticulous talent of Vietnamese molders and artisans to create products to beautify the home, for spiritual and public cultural works.

I. Advantages of cast aluminum products

+ Cast aluminum products do not rust and are anti-corrosion.

+ Light cast aluminum products, durable structure.

+ Cast aluminum products are non-toxic.

+ The product can withstand the hot and humid climate of Vietnam

Cast aluminum interior

Cast aluminum interior


Cast aluminum interior

Cast aluminum interior

Cast aluminum interior

Cast aluminum interior

II. Cast aluminum product groups:

Cast aluminum is a material with high strength, hardness and good heat resistance, so it is often used to produce products with high aesthetics and long-term durability. Below are some products made from cast aluminum:

a) Cast aluminum gates: Cast aluminum gates are manufactured with many different designs and models, bringing luxurious and modern beauty to the building’s architecture.

b) Cast aluminum fence: Cast aluminum fence is also a popular product, bringing high aesthetics and durability to architectural works.

c) Cast aluminum railing: Cast aluminum railing is also a popular product used in construction projects, ensuring aesthetics and safety for users.

d) Cast aluminum statues: Cast aluminum statues are products produced using casting techniques, with high precision and detail, often used to decorate architectural works.

e) Cast aluminum tables and chairs: Cast aluminum tables and chairs are often used in parks and gardens, bringing aesthetics and durability to the product.

f) Cast aluminum fountains: Cast aluminum fountains are often used to decorate gardens and parks, and bring perfect beauty to architectural spaces.

Cast aluminum interior gate

Cast aluminum interior gate

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