Vietnam Wood Pellets

  1. What is wood pellets?

Wood pellets are a type of biofuel produced from natural materials such as sawdust, wood chips, rice husks, corn stalks, etc. These are all leftovers and are reused after use. lumber, household appliances and other agricultural products. They are utilized and transferred to another process – Pressing process with high speed and strong impact of temperature and pressure, natural binder binds raw materials into wood pellets.

They are produced from wood waste, which means they are extremely safe to use, minimizing the processing of plant waste, taking advantage of available materials that bring high efficiency.

Vietnam wooden pallet

Vietnam wooden pallet


According to research, Wood Pellets bring quite large values ​​more than 1/3 of the value from petroleum and other heavy fuels. Therefore, they bring many uses and benefits not only in industry and in residential life:

  • Used for boiler combustion technology, heat generation of industries in order to replace fossil fuels.
  • Used to generate heat in thermal power plants.
  • Lining barns, farms (chickens, horses, cows, goats…).
  • Used in heating equipment systems such as fireplaces (replacing electricity, coal, oil, firewood…conventional fuels).
  • Used in combustion equipment in industries and civil:
  • Steaming, drying, pasteurizing, sterilizing in food and beverage factories, …
  • Confectionery factory, paper factory, textile dyeing, …
  • The system of cooking pots, …
  • Cooking system, industrial kitchen.
  • Four-season heated swimming pool, hot water network for amusement parks and restaurants, hotels, schools, rehabilitation areas…
  • Steam sauna system. Laundry (ironing) in the garment factory. Drying in weaving, dyeing fabrics.


  • Diameter: 6-8 mm
  • Length: 10-40 mm
  • Humidity: max 10%
  • Ash: max 3%
  • Heat: 4,500 – 4,800 Kcal/kg.
wooden pallet Vietnam from rice husks

Vietnam  wooden pallet from rice husks


  • Low cost, high energy. Relatively stable compared to other fossil fuels.
  • Wood pellets have a relatively low cost, only about 30 – 50% compared to electricity and gas, so it will save us 1/2 to 2/3 of the cost of use.
  • They have a long, stable combustion that produces a steady amount of heat.
  • Wood pellets are very dense and are usually produced with a low amount of moisture. This makes it burn with very high efficiency. The low humidity level means that when burning Wood Pellets, a lot of energy is saved.
  • Increase the life of the boiler, combustion equipment. In the process of using wood pellets, it produces less smoke, helping the life of the stoves to be higher, the consumer benefits are also increased.
  • The smoke that this tablet produces is not as toxic as other fuels,
  • When the fire produces less ash, we will reduce the cost of disposal
  • waste after use, also does not affect other tools.
  • Convenient transportation, saving storage space, reducing labor due to small size.
  • Currently, Wood Pellets are packed in small bags, in different volumes, very convenient to use.
  • The shape of the tablet makes it easier to store (stack) and easier to use than any biofuel.