Calcium carbonate powder – white marble vietnam

According to survey and survey data, minerals for construction materials in Vietnam have a relatively large potential and can meet the needs of the development of manufacturing industry of construction materials in the long run. Specifically, minerals for cement such as limestone: about 44 billion tons, clay about 7.6 billion tons, additives about 4 billion tons; minerals for construction materials are as follows: paving stone of about 37 billion m3, kaolin about 850 million tons, feldspar about 84 million tons, silicon white sand about 1.4 billion tons, dolomite about 2.8 billion tons; minerals for common construction materials include construction stone of about 53 billion m3, construction sand and gravel of about 2.1 billion m3, clay for producing calcined materials of about 3.6 billion m3

Calcium carbonate powder vietnam export 1

Calcium carbonate powder vietnam export 

White marble: Distributed in 11 northern provinces, but concentrated in Nghe An and Yen Bai provinces. Up to now, there are over 70 mines already under exploration. About 200 million m3 of white marble have been identified as eligible for paving stone production and 1.2 billion tons are of sufficient quality to produce calcium carbonate powder.

In recent years, manufacturing and manufacturing of paving stone has gradually become an important industry. The stone industry’s growth rate is constantly reaching 38% / year, Vietnam stone products are present in 85 countries around the world. The reserve of construction stone in Vietnam is also quite large and of good quality, but construction stone facing is facing major obstacles in the market because the quality of stone is not guaranteed due to the process of exploitation and manipulation using technology. , the device is too outdated.

Calcium carbonate powder vietnam export 4

Calcium carbonate powder vietnam export 

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