Vietnam Gac fruit  – Momordica cochinchinensis spreng

Gac fruit (Momordica cochinchinensis), a fruit creeping plant which is quite popular in Southeast Asia, is widely distributed in southern China to northeastern Australia. Thailand, Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia and Vietnam. People often grow Gac fruit, intestines it is used in the food.

Gac is a species of vines in the family Momordica. This is a single-planted species that has distinct female and female trees. Gac fruit grows strong, length can grow up to 15 meters. Thick wire. Leaves Gac smooth, the lobe of the propeller divided from 3 to 5, 8-18 cm long. Flowers have two types: female and male flowers. Both have pale yellow petals. Round fruits, color of leaves, when ripe turn orange, diameter of 15-20 cm. Gac fruit with dense thorns. Each fruit is usually composed of six segments. Gac fruit is reddish orange. Dark brown Gac seed, oblong. Gac flower summer to fall, to the new winter nine. Each year, only one harvest can be harvested. Because of the relatively short harvest (around December or January), Gac is less common than other fruits. Gac fruit is rich in carotenoids and lycopene, which are naturally good for health, good for vision and cancer treatment.

Vietnam Gac fruit - Momordica cochinchinensis spreng

Vietnam Gac fruit – Momordica cochinchinensis spreng

Gac is quite popular throughout the territory of Vietnam, from ancient days Gacmainly wild, fruit is made food as a sticky. In recent years, under the development of science they discovered in Gac have many healthy natural compounds, are typical of beta-carotene, carotenoids and lycopene … These compounds help the body anti-aging Cancer, good for the eyes …. In recent years, the development of Gac and Gac export has been quite popular in Vietnam

Each mature Gac fruit produces about 20-30 fruits / root, yields can reach 10-12 tons / hectare. From planting to harvesting is 9 months to 1 year, Gac fruit life can be up to 15 years, up to harvesting will be stable for about 10 years. Currently, Vietnam’s Gac farms are scattered all over the country, but mainly in mountainous, lowland areas and low investment costs. Normally, after harvesting from the farms, the gut is dried and exported to foreign units for extraction of essential oils. Gac output of Vietnam is quite large in the US, EU, Korea and Japan.

To export Gac, Gac usually undergoes the process of preliminary processing, because all the nutrient components of precious Gac fruit are located in Gac intestine, so that the farms to export, they will go through the preliminary stage That is: take Gacintestine and dry. This product is usually called dry Gac film, dried gut film will remove water to reduce the volume, calculated on average 10 kg fruit will get 1 kg dry film for export.

The process of processing Gacfruit dried

Step 1: First, you need to pick the beautiful Gac,red Gac, round fruits, ripe red, spines are smooth, soft and has no indentations, no pests or dark color because this is the current fruit. stamping

Chosen red gac fruit

Chosen red gac fruit

Step 2: Take the red Gac inside from Gac fruit. The part that we will use to carry out the process of taking the mango is the red membrane surrounding Gac

Take red Gac inside Gac fruit

Take red Gac inside Gac fruit

Step 3: Extrude Gac.

When fresh Gac, Gac membrane is very difficult to peel. So to remove the membrane easier, you should dry this Gac oil dry outdoors, avoid sun direct sun or in the refrigerator cooler for 2-3 hours to Gac membrane se again, easy to peel than.

Step 4: Remove membrane Gac from Gac-seed.

Use a knife to clean a small line, spleen knife to separate the Gacmembrane from the Gac seed. You should use sharp knife and sharp blade to filter Gac membrane is easier. It is best to use a fruit knife because the knife is small and easy to handle, which ensures the sharpness and sharpness of the knife (or otherwise, using the knife of the trimming of the house also).

take Gac membrane from Gac-seed

take Gac membrane from Gac-seed

Step 5: Exfoliate the Gac membrane.

Now we are going to wear the film removed to reduce the amount of water in the membrane, in order to separate the amount of water in the Gac membrane, help reduce the membrane mass and increase the storage time of the membrane later.

Step 6: Packing preservation

After drying, the Gac membrane is completely dry and dark. The Gac membrane is packed in a vacuum bag and stored.

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