Rice painting Vietnam and process of making rice paintings

1. What is rice painting Vietnam?

Rice paintings are paintings made from roasted rice grains, roasted rice grains over fire for different times, will give different rice colors, from white, to light yellow, brown, dark brown, black… With different colors Basically, rice grains, workers will arrange them to create painting patterns.

In the world, rice paintings originate from the ancient art of Indian painting. Indians make rice paintings, but the rice used to make the paintings is dyed from natural colors, then the artist uses his fingers to draw powder on paper or fabric to create patterns, and uses rice grains to add color to the work. .

But with the desire to learn, with the knowledge learned from the fine arts industry, Vietnamese people have created a completely new and eye-catching type of rice painting. That is the type of rice painting currently being sold on the market, made from the main ingredients of Vietnamese rice.

Vietnam is a country famous for its wet rice civilization, with very popular types of rice. Unlike Indian rice painting art, Vietnamese rice painting only uses the technique of roasting rice to create different colors for rice grains. Roasted rice can create 50 similar colors such as ivory white, yellow, orange-yellow, brown, reddish brown, cockroach brown, black,… Therefore, the colors of Vietnamese rice paintings are very beautiful and rustic.

With skillful hands, the artisan roasts the rice to reveal more of its natural colors, and meticulously glues each grain of rice carefully together to form a mosaic. Depending on the complexity and size of the job, a painting can be completed in three days to a month. The lifespan of the painting is up to 10 years, you can freely choose it as a Vietnamese souvenir to take abroad.

rice painting material

rice painting material

rice painting Buddha

rice painting Buddha

Outstanding characteristics of rice painting

  • The first advantage of rice paintings is that they will be produced from the main material “RICE”. But the type of rice used to make paintings is selected rice, beautiful rice, not rice used for everyday cooking.
  • After being produced, rice paintings will have high aesthetics and are suitable for use as home interior decoration.
  • A hand-made or printed rice painting is considered perfect when it meets all the conditions in terms of shape, shade, color, layout, proportion, everything is arranged properly together.
  • A beautiful rice painting will exude the soul of the artist, their diligence and meticulousness when making everyday photos. Most people who make rice paintings are often trained through art centers. They have a good grasp of composition so they will create beautiful paintings.

2. Steps to make rice paintings

Step 1: Choose ingredients

The main ingredient to make rice paintings is of course rice :D, Our rice resources are very rich, grains of different sizes and colors help us easily combine them to make rice paintings. create pictures.
Small-grain glutinous rice is suitable for making fine details, large round-grain sticky rice is suitable for making large, wide details, and broken rice is for making smaller details and smoothing the picture. There are also types of rice such as dragon’s blood, black sticky rice, etc. that have natural colors to make painting details of corresponding colors. Those are some notes to learn how to make beautiful rice paintings.

rice material

rice material

Step 2: Process rice

After you have chosen the type of rice you like, we will proceed to roast the rice. This step helps create more different colors of rice. Depending on the temperature and roasting time, you can create 15 – 20 colors for rice.

Rice has a completely natural color and is very durable, we do not need to dye it. Although this step is simple, we also need to be a bit observant and estimate so that after roasting, the color is beautiful and suitable.

To learn how to make rice paintings as quickly as possible without wasting much time roasting rice, we advises you to use a mini gas stove, with a very small flame that only burns a little, which is called having a flame.

Step 3: Draw a sketch and complete the picture

After roasting the rice, wait for the rice to cool, then I will draw a sketch on the frame lining. We sketch the main details of the picture first, such as people, trees, other characters… Then we will pour milk glue on these drawn details, choose the appropriate rice color and then arrange the rice. according to.

Pour glue according to the sketch and arrange the rice accordingly

A perfectly beautiful rice painting must meet the conditions of shape, color, layout, proportion, and more importantly, the tightness of the rice, the motifs are arranged meticulously and with absolute precision.

You must understand how to mix colors for the painting, each detail of the painting has a different color shade, so choose the rice color accordingly. At first you may not be able to do it well, gradually you will have more experience learning how to make rice paintings, the rice paintings will be more beautiful.

Step 4: We will do the main details of the picture first

After the main details of the painting are completed (Girl, flower), we can proceed to fill the background for the rice painting. The background part of the painting will be done faster. Observing the background color, we will use a spoon to strip the rice so that the color is most harmonious. Use a spoon to gently tap the bottom of the thatch board so that the rice base automatically arranges so that the rice grains fit tightly together.

When the background is satisfactory, we proceed to spray 502 glue evenly onto the rice background so that the rice grains stick tightly to the painting.

Step 5: Complete the picture

After completing the painting, let the glue dry and dehumidify the rice. Next, you must take the painting to dry in the sun for a few hours and finally treat the painting with anti-termite chemicals to avoid termites. invasive.

And finally, frame the painting and you will have a rice painting.

rice painting 1

rice painting 1

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