Bodhi leaf painting Vietnam

I. What is Bodhi leaf painting Vietnam

Bodhi leaf paintings are pictures created with processed bodhi leaves as raw materials. The leaves are de-fleshed, dried to leave a beautiful leaf bone. Using them, the artist will create perfect paintings.

Bodhi leaf painting

Bodhi leaf painting

II. Step making Bodhi leaf painting

Necessary tools to make paintings from Bodhi Leaf bones
– Soda (Na2CO3), can be purchased at chemical stores. Note that the soda here is Na2CO3, not baking soda (NaHCO3), Na2CO3 is the substance that makes up most of the ingredients in washing powder and dishwashing liquid.

– Leaves of Bodhi tree, leaves can be found in temples.

– Toothbrush, pot and stove.

– Acyclic coloring brush depending on preference.

Bodhi leaf painting material

Bodhi leaf painting material

Step 1: Separate the chlorophyll from the Bodhi Leaf bone with soda

Place the Bodhi tree leaves in a pot. Combine 1 part soda and 10 parts water and place in a pot. Bring the water to a boil and simmer for about 90 minutes to 120 minutes, until the leaves are tender.

Remove the leaves from the water and soak them in ice cold water to better break the bonds. Use a small soft brush to separate the leaf pulp from the leaf bone completely. Note that the leaves are quite fragile at this stage, so you need to be careful to remove the flesh.

Step 2: Dry the bones of Bodhi Leaves

Place the Bodhi Leaf bones between the 2 layers of paper towels so they don’t curl during the draining process. If you want them to curl naturally, just use a paper towel for one side of the leaves.

Step 3: Decorate the Bodhi Leaf bone

Once you’re done, you can decorate the bones, color them with paint or whatever you can think of. If preserved well, these leafy bones can remain unspoiled for many years.

III. Why people favour Bodhi leaf painting

The Bodhi leaf prays for peace, luck, and health, when we see our mind, we always have a strong faith in the Buddha and always remind us to focus on reciting the Buddha’s name.
In the past, Amitabha Buddha sat in front of the Bodhi tree and became enlightened
Phat is arising, arising, discovering, inventing, developing, creating, creating, opening, bringing to, appearing, giving out … Bodhi Translation from Sanskrit sound is Bodhi meaning Enlightenment.

Bodhi leaf paintings Vietnam (6)

Bodhi leaf painting Vietnam (6)

Bodhi leaf painting

Bodhi leaf painting

The Sanskrit mind is Citta. The human mind has only one, but depending on the state of appearance, it can be temporarily divided into three according to the level of practice. It is the Worldly Mind or the Sacred Heart or the Buddha Mind. Citta is the knowing with words, the knowing of the worldly mind. When the six senses come into contact with the six senses, then there is the interference of the Mind Faculty or Consciousness or Intelligence. This is the Word Knowing. If the senses in contact with the object perceive the object as it really is, then that is the Wordless Knowledge of the Seeing, Hearing, and Touching Nature, collectively called Awareness (Buddhità) corresponding to the Noble One’s Mind. Higher and deeper is the Wordless Awareness of the Buddha Mind (Buddhatà). The Buddha Mind has the ability to see the true nature of all things, understand the way to lead sentient beings out of suffering and afflictions, and overcome all difficulties and obstacles of the karma of samsara. Also known as Bodhi Mind, Enlightenment Mind, Like Mind, etc.
The mind of Bodhi (Budhicitta) is the mind of enlightenment, the mind that sees the true face of all things, the mind that believes that sentient beings also have Buddha nature, and always uses practice to cultivate towards the result of Unsurpassed Perfect Enlightenment.
And “Generating Bodhicitta” is to set the ultimate goal right from the beginning, which is to direct the mind to the path of enlightenment and liberation. In other words, we are in the position of ordinary people, follow the Dharma, practice until we reach enlightenment and liberation, then it is called Bodhicitta.

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