Wooden bathtub – Natural wood products from Vietnam

1. Effect of wooden bathtub
– Safe for body, not poisoned
As the society improves, industrialization and modernization encroach too much on life and also the father of technological and chemical products. Many people have forgotten the presence of natural materials like wood. Replacing it are modern products: porcelain, gypsum, plastic, … Of course, those products are not bad, are toxic but are caused by the manufacturers who made these That product like. In many cases, producers add toxic compounds that affect their health and body and may also be contaminated with many toxins. Wooden bathtubs are manufactured from natural wood according to standards, ensuring no harmful chemicals are used, which makes it feel great to use.

– The body is optimally relaxed
It is not too difficult to understand when a wooden bath is a natural product, so it helps users to feel comfortable and relax when soaking in the tub, eliminating all fatigue. Try the amazing feeling of immersing yourself in a wooden bath with light aromatherapy oil or herbal leaves with aroma spreading throughout the room.
– Space of natural and luxurious bathroom
Wooden baths make your bathroom space more luxurious, polite and special to help you immerse yourself in nature right in your family bathroom without having to go to any spa and beauty salon

wood bathtub

wooden bathtub

2. The size of the bath
– With the usual oval bath tubs: 120cm high 65cm wide 65cm with specific shapes such as curving at the ends, low side and high sides, face, face contour. Besides, there is a smaller wooden bath with a length of 110cm

– With round type wooden bathtubs with relative dimensions as follows: Face diameter 80cm, bottom diameter 70cm, height 70cm. The series of circular pomu bathtubs is dedicated to soaking medicine in spas in the country. In addition, you can set a larger size bathtub according to your needs, for example: face diameter 150cm, 130cm bottom diameter, 70cm height

wood bathtube 1

wooden bathtube

We can making as your design, size and shape depend your culture.
In addition, you can order according to the bathroom space, to get a reasonable wooden bath with your bathroom.
3. How to produce
Pine wood is grown throughout Vietnam in areas such as Ha Giang province, Lang Son province, Ba Vi district – Hanoi, Nghe An province, ….
Pine forest in Vinh Phuc province

– Pine wood over 50 years old is exploited and cut into logs to be transported to the factory
– Wood is dried and cut into small pieces of wood, polished and made into oval or cylindrical tanks
Wood production workshop at the production base of Ha Nam province – Vietnam
4. Preserving the Wooden bathtub
– Location of the bathtub: This directly impacts on the durability of the wooden bathtub because the surrounding environment has a strong impact on wood and wood expansion. Bath should be placed in areas with medium humidity, not dry or hot sun. Absolutely not put wooden tubs in the high floors, roofs because it is the highest temperature place in the house.
– When not in use: If the wooden bathtub is not used regularly, it is necessary to pay attention to the preservation factor. Especially with all kinds of wooden bathtubs made of wooden fokienia, oak … because these are very easy to expand according to temperature and humidity. Wood baths should be reached in areas with high humidity, and stable, limiting places with high temperatures.
– We also provide pine wood footbaths of all kinds. Foot baths help massage feet, help sleep better and deeper

With the strength of producing traditional handicraft products, we can process wood products according to customers’ requirements.

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