Vietnam rattan furniture – chair and table.

Rattan knitting vietnam is a traditional handicraft industry is hundreds of years old. There are still scattered bamboo and rattan villages in the country, including Phu Vinh’s handicraft village where many artisans and craftsmen are concentrated, they produce scales and quantities for export.

Phu Vinh village – Phu Hung commune – Chuong My district – Hanoi, about 25km west of Hanoi city, famous for its handicrafts made from rattan and bamboo. Phu Vinh is a traditional handicraft village of 400 years with more than 2,400 households. In Phu Vinh, almost every household has bamboo and rattan workers. From young men, young people to women, young children can participate in any stage of the craft.

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Vietnam rattan furniture- in Phu Vinh village

In each traditional village there are many workshops, each one has artisans and they have their own creative style, so Phu Vinh rattan handicraft village has many different products and unique. Each factory employs only 15 to 20 workers, which can make hundreds to thousands of products a day, depending on size. Each product must meet the art, aesthetics and accuracy. However, with the development of industrial zones attracting a large number of employees, the number of employees is not as great as before.

rattan furniture - chair and table

Vietnam rattan furniture – chair and table

Rattan production stages are very selective, including selecting raw materials and then plucking, drying, splitting, drying … Then, the material will be boiled in boiling water or dried straw to have a beautiful natural color, late Newly to hand knitting into the product.

Currently, in addition to the traditional products, rattan and bamboo products of Phu Vinh trade village also combined with materials such as ceramics, porcelain, wood, iron … to produce beautiful and rich products.
Phu Vinh rattan and bamboo trade village not only meet the demand of domestic products but also to the fastidious market in the world. The volume of exports to China, Japan and some European countries accounted for 60% of the total products, while in the country is 40%.

Bamboo and rattan weaving is now a very popular item, which is popular with many customers. However, in order to reach the customers, the product has to go through many intermediate stages so the cost of products has increased a lot.

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