Vietnam Black pepper

Pepper also known as pepper, cumin, Piper nigrum (Piper nigrum) is a flowering creeper belonging to the family Pepper (Piperaceae), grown mainly for fruit and nuts. , commonly used as seasonings in dry or fresh form.

Pepper is a kind of vines, long, smooth, hairless, clinging to other plants with roots. The stem grows, grows its leaves. Leaves like betel leaves, but longer and tapering. There are two types of branches: a branch bearing fruit, and a branching branch, both branched from the leaf. Compared to leaves is a cluster of squirrel tail flowers. When ripe, fall off the whole bunch. Small spherical fruit, about 20-30 fruits per cluster, initially green, the latter is yellow, when ripe is red. From this fruit can be harvested white pepper, red pepper, green pepper and black pepper. Burning trees very brittle, when transported if not careful, the tree can die. The fruit has a single grain.

black pepper pant

black pepper pant

Pepper is harvested once a year. For black pepper, people pick fruit at the appearance of some red or yellow fruit on the clump, meaning that the fruit is still green; The fruit is too young to have a very crunchy crust, when exposed to crumble easily, the other fruit when dried fruit will hunt, turn black. Want to have white pepper (or peppercorns), people pick fruits when they are really ripe, then remove the shell. This type is white or gray, less wrinkled and less fragrant (because the crust contains essential oil has lost) but more spicy (because the fruit is ripe).

In addition to the above mentioned products, red pepper is a kind of pepper that is either ripened or harvested very old, and then cooked in a special way to keep the red color of the pods. . Red pepper is crimson, produced in India and in Chu Se and Ba Ria – Vung Tau districts of Vietnam. The export value of pepper after processing is 3 to 4 times higher than that of black pepper

Pepper is also rich in vitamin C, even more than tomatoes. Half a cup of green, yellow or red pepper will provide over 230% of the calcium requirement per day per person.

Peppers contain 1.2-2% of essential oils, 5-9% of piperine and 2.2-6% of chanvixin. Piperine and chanvixin are two types of alkaloid that have a spicy taste that makes the pepper taste spicy. There are 8% fat, 36% starch and 4% ash.

Normally, pepper is roasted, spicy and spicy. Pepper, pungent and stimulate digestion, have the effect of curing some diseases.

Pepper is also rich in antioxidants, such as beta carotene, which boosts the immune system and prevents the destruction of cells, causing cancer and heart disease.

Vietnam black pepper

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