Shell pen – natural sea shell.

I handmade this beautiful and colorful pen from real abalone. Thin strips of abalone are laid lengthwise down the barrel and covered in crystal clear metal. This configuration gives the abalone a faceted look as it is rotated in light. Stunning!

This handcrafted Mesa pen, is made with the highest quality abalone.
This ballpoint pens hardware is metal with color same gold accents.

This piece of art has gone through many steps to get the beautiful end result. Cutting, drilling reaming, turning, sanding and sealing with a high quality.

The pen is of average diameter, making it fine for most hands. It writes very smooth and has excellent balance. The ball point refill is a great quality import from EURO, style refill available in many colors and in gel (roller ball) styles at most office supply stores.

This is a unique pen that will make a great addition to your desk or personal collection. It would also make a great gift for birthdays, promotions, graduations or any occasion.

shell pen - natural sea shell

shell pen – natural sea shell

shell pen from natural pearl

shell pen from natural pearl

shell pen high quality

shell pen high quality

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