Vietnamese gemstone paintings – New potential handicrafts

History of Vietnamese gemstone paintings

Gemstone painting is a new type of handicraft product with developed countries. In Vietnam, the history of gem handicraft originated from the discovery and exploitation of natural and semi-precious stones in the country.

Vietnamese gemstones were first discovered in the 1980s with the first ruby ​​and sapphire discoveries in Luc Yen in 1987 during the geological mapping period. Following was the discovery of the ruby ​​quarry in Quy Chau (Nghe An) in the 1990s and a series of sapphire deposits related to basalt in southern Vietnam. Ruby, major quality sapphire is exploited in minerals along with other minerals such as spinel, granat (in Luc Yen, Quy Chau) and zircon, peridot (southern Vietnam). For the gemstone team II includes aquamarine, beryl, topaz, quartz, tektite, fluorite, opal, canxedon, tuamalin, nephrite, amazonite, … also sequentially discovered and exploited.

ruby material

ruby material

The massive discovery and exploitation of precious and semi-precious natural stone mines in Vietnam occurred strongly in the 1990s under the loose control of the government. Most of the exploited stone is sold overseas to Thai traders … At this time the Vietnamese market is rich in raw materials, there are many ideas that the stone traders know Thailand they make stone paintings and have gradually learned by. The stones are low quality or not enough size to make jewelry, they are used as gemstone paintings. Since then, in the mid-1990s, the gems industry has been developing in Vietnam

Advantages and disadvantages of Vietnamese gemstone painting

Gemstone pictures are new paintings on the market, raw materials used as paintings are stone powder and raw stone pieces from nature. The stones are selected, processed and bonded together with 502 glue on a white background. Over 20 years of establishment and development. Painting gems gradually gain the trust of users with many advantages:

– Colors: With the material is made of precious and semi-precious stones, the picture is three-dimensional (depth), sparkling with many colors from different stones, due to the composition of stone or powder particles. Crystals are crystalline.

– Durability: It is durable over time due to the natural formation of rocks in the thousands to millions of years, not to fade over time as embroidered paintings, diversified colors due to the mixing of rocks, paintings. Variety of color durability with time

– Depth: Painting is handmade by meticulous, and carefully durable beautiful, luxurious aesthetic. The painting has a thickness of stone lining, granite stone, slate stone, creating space depth and the nature of the picture

– Painting is made by: the background made of transparent mica, then paint the picture with lead and gem materials arranged in accordance with the idea, the last stage is to attach them with special glue material. The painting process requires skilled workmanship, however the paintings do not take too much work as embroidery painting, so the paintings are always competitive prices.

The disadvantages of gemstone paintings are:

– Due to the use of natural stone materials, the colored stone paintings are completely dependent on the color of the natural stone, the color of the paintings is lacking compared to the paintings or paintings.

– Paintings made of white mica, which is hard plastic, so different from embroidered or oil paintings, they can not be rolled up, the transport of paintings must be wrapped wooden box protection, large size and large shipping costs

Established and developed over 20 years, under the ability of skilled and skilled craftsmen, gemstone handicrafts in Vietnam stone has many steps forward, the product captured the trust of the domestic and export.

Vietnamese gemstone-painting

Vietnamese gemstone-painting

gemstone painting portraits

gemstone painting portraits

Potential and challenge of stone painting

Currently there are about 40-50 stone paint shops with different trends and product lines, the paintings are mainly concentrated in Luc Yen district, Yen Bai province. In addition, many small workshops in the provinces and cities. like Hanoi, Saigon.

Rock climbing market is gradually gaining market share by many of its advantages as mentioned above, the development of the profession more and more skilled workers .. The development of the job is difficult to bring the competition. Stone is prosperous by:

– The competition from the market, many for-profit paintings using poor quality materials, colored stones.

– The use of low-level handicraftsman, reduced picture quality, emphasis on running the form and market, less difficult to improve skills, less support to share experiences.

At present, Vietnamese gemstone paintings can be said to be young, spontaneous development, combining elements of local culture. Vietnamese gemstone paintings can hardly go far. To develop gemstone craft requires capital and professional management. Painting gems can completely become the product line occupied the interior decoration industry.

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