Vietnam Bamboo Straws

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Vietnam straws bamboo

Vietnam bamboo straws

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  1. Preparation material

Materials for producing bamboo straws come from Neohouzeaua, plants of the same family of bamboo, naturally growing in mountainous areas like some province as Nghe An, Thanh Hoa, Ha Tinh, Son La…  of north Vietnam. This is a kind of cork with small body, short burning, beautiful color, when used with a unique cork odor, creating a sense of closeness to nature. The older the cork is, the more wood will be, the harder it will be; the young stems will be soft and easy to crack.

Materials for making bamboo straws have strict selection rules, such as regulations on harvesting time, age of trees, etc.

Young cork and Neohouzeaua harvested in the spring have higher levels of henmixenlulose, sugar, lipid, protein, starch than winter. This is a rich source of nutrients for bacterial and fungal strains, so the harvest is now susceptible to termites and mold. Mold will form blue, brown, gray spots on cork trunks, which are difficult to scrub, affecting user health and aesthetic value of cork.

Should harvest in the winter and need to select cork of an old age; if it is too young to dry, it will wither, shrivel, crack and wrinkly; If the body is deep, the tube will not be beautiful.

Should choose trees aged 2-3 years or more, no chalk, outside diameter 7-15mm and burning length> 20cm. The unsatisfactory young plants are kept and wait for many more months for the trees to grow into new ones.

The shrimps, after being harvested, are dried and gathered in a cool place to avoid moisture, termites before coming to the bamboo straw factory.

Vietnam straws bamboo material

Vietnam bamboo  straws  material

  1. Processing of raw materials

Raw materials will undergo the process of cutting, drying, drying, lightening the two ends to create sophistication. All are handmade by skilled craftsmen.

Stage 1:

The cork body was first put into the grinding machine to achieve a certain smoothness. The grinding process is quite important, because just a small mistake of cork will burn, looks unsightly and must be removed.

Bamboo straw production stage 1

Bamboo straw production stage 1

Stage 2:

  • The back cork will be smoothed and the outer surface will be polished and light will be cut to the required size (usually 20cm).
  • After cutting, cork pipes are carefully honed to meet aesthetic standards and avoid damage to users during use.
  • Depending on customers’ requirements, the tube will be honed with 2 heads or 1 end, 1 chamfered end.
Bamboo straw production stage 2

Bamboo straw production stage 2

Stage 3:

  • Next, the bamboo tubes are cleaned both inside and outside under pressure water, and then dried in the sun to drain.
  • Bring the straw to boil at 70-90ºC for 3 hours, remove the tube and drain then dry in an oven at 100ºC for about 1 hour.
Bamboo straw production stage 3-1

Bamboo straw production stage 3

The meaning of this stage:

  • Boil to remove the sap.
  • Thorough destruction of bacteria and larvae found in cork trunks (due to the fungus’ ability to multiply, the disease depends mainly on temperature and humidity conditions; mushrooms often do not tolerate heat> 40ºC; weevils die in temperature> 50ºC) ⇒ ensure hygiene, ensure durability for long-term use.
  • Broken, unsatisfactory straws will be removed to filter out the best ones to market.
Bamboo straw production stage 3

Bamboo straw production stage 3

Stage 4: Sorting pipes for each different using needs. After completing the steps, workers will classify according to the outside diameter size, the smallest size 7-10mm to drink smoothies; 12-15mm is kind of drinking milk tea.

Classification and packaging, laser engraving or logo according to customer requirements

Bamboo straws have a shelf life of 5-6 months. After use, scrub and store in a cool, dry place to avoid mold moisture. If not used continuously, users should dry them in the refrigerator compartment. With this type of bamboo straws, after only 3 years, it can decompose and cause no harm to the environment, and it is safe for consumers’ health.

Bamboo straw production stage 4

Bamboo straw production stage 4

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