Dried Longan Vietnam or dragon’s eyes

  1. What is Dried Longan Vietnam or dragon’s eyes

The longan grows in many provinces in the North. The longan is no bigger than a ping-pong ball with brownish peel. The peel only has to be slightly removed to reach the whitish pulp, enclosing the glistening black kernel.

Longan plant is an evergreen tree, usually about 10 meters high. It has buttress root. Stout branchlets are puberulent and scattered with pale lenticels. Even pinnately compound leaf is alternate; the length of leaf with handle is from 15 to 30cm or even longer; leaflets are 4 to 5 pairs, or 3 to 6 pairs sometimes, and with small petiole that is usually no more than 5mm; blade is thin and leathery, from oblong-elliptic to oblong-lanceolate. Large inflorescence is acrogenous and axillary, with multiple branches, and densely covered with stellate hairs; pedicels are short; Sepals are nearly leathery, triangular-ovate, and about 2.5mm. Both sides are covered with brown tomentum and bundle of stellate hairs. Fruit is subglobose, drupaceous, indehiscent, 1.2 to 2.5cm in diameter, and usually brown or sometime pale yellow. Shell is slightly rough or few are with strumaes. Seeds are dark brown, bright, and completely wrapped by fleshy aril. Flowering time is from March to April and fruit season is from July to September.

longan fruit fresh in tree

longan fruit fresh in tree

There are many varieties of longans. The most renowned variety of longan is the cage longan of Hung Yen Province. There are varieties that have a thick pulp and a very sweet taste called pulp longan. Water longans have a thin watery pulp and a fresh sweet taste. In the South, there is the longan of Chau Thanh (Dong Thap Province), which is fairly renowned. This variety has a watery pulp, a very sweet taste, a perfumed scent, and small black seeds, which is why it is called nhan tieu (pepper grain longan).

2. Dried longan Hung Yen Vietnam

Currently, Hung Yen province has about 3,300 ha of longan grown in Hung Yen, Khoai Chau, Kim Dong and Tien Lu districts, producing about 40,000 tons of fruit annually. In the province, there are 155 hectares of high-standard planted in Hong Nam, Hung Yen and Ham Tu communes in Khoai Chau district. These high standard label areas are granted export codes by the Ministry of Industry and Trade to the US and other countries.

With the largest area of ​​cultivation in the country, and the quality of longan fruit is especially famous, longan processing is a traditional profession of Hung Yen, bringing high economic efficiency, mainly concentrated in the Phuong Chieu commune , Hong Nam (Hung Yen city), Thu Sy (Tien Lu).

As usual, at the end of June lunar year, when the label garden in Hung Yen began to ripen as well as a new processing of longan began.

At the same time, the processing of dragon fruit began to “fire”, the spinning of the label mainly by the elderly, children undertake … Long after the sticky rice will be exported to China by the small Small, small retail is provided in the country.

longan fruit fresh

longan fruit fresh

3. Name and used dried longan

Medicinally it mainly refers to the aril of Dimocarpus longan Lour. or Euphoria Longan (Lour.) Steud., which is a plant in the family Sapindaceae. Hence, other names of it include Long Yan, Longan Aril, Arillus Longan, Longan Flesh, dragon eyes, and Gui Yuan. It is normally picked in the summer when the fruits become mature. And then it needs to get through a few more steps before the use – shell and pit removed, dried in the sun, and stored in dry place.

The longan is a tropical fruit rich in nutrients. It is used in the preparation of sweet lotus seed soups. A longan that has been rid of its black kernel then dried over a fire is called long nhan (literally: dragon’s eyes); it is one of the tonics used in the recipes of traditional medicine.

Dried Longan fruit

Dried Longan fruit or dragon’s eyes

Thanks to its juicy, sweet, and pulpy texture and exotic flavor, longan fruit, a well-known tropical succulent treat, has been one of the favorite choices of all time, from toddlers to the aged. It is also called Long Yan Rou or the flesh of Dragon’s Eye if translated in a literal way. It is named so because of its round black shiny seed and white protuberant umbilici, which look like the eyes of the legendary “Dragon”. Fresh longan fruits are so delicate and delicious that it is very difficult for you to forget it for once you have tasted it. However, very few people realize that it is also a good medicine. Actually this Asian fruit has a lot of health benefits, and sometimes can even play an important role on treating serious illness, in particular on women’s severe blood deficiency. That’s to say, it often works magic, especially in the cases of no other drugs will be effective. Attention please, the longan we are talking about here is the dried version.

3. Used Longan fruit dried or dragon’s eyes as food


There are many kind of dishes to use Longan but mostly we should eat fresh fruit. Or

– Stew longans in sugar and also syrup: they’ll keep for a long period.

– Their fairly sweet rejuvenating flavor makes longans an excellent choice for sorbet

– Slice the fruit as an element of an exotic salad and can include along with pineapple, carambola along with a soy-based dressing.

– Use in jello recipes, as their texture matches those of jello’s.

– Make vodka jello shots and also include pieces of the fresh fruit

– Dry the flesh on the slow, open fire and also add some smoky fruit to soups

– Serve cut longans along with cantaloupe or any other melons along with coconut ice cream.

– People can use Longan to make many kind of desert as well.

sup Dried Longan fruit

sup Dried Longan fruitor dragon’s eyes

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